Tonsil with Tangier disease.

Nelson BL, Thompson LD.
Ear Nose Throat J. 2003 Mar;82(3):178.
FIRST PARAGRAPH: Tangier disease is a rare autosomal-recessive inherited disorder that is caused by a defect in chromosome 9q31. It is characterized by a severe deficiency or absence of high-density lipoproteins in plasma. A defect in cellular cholesterol removal results in the massive, abnormal accumulation of cholesterol esters in macrophages in many tissues. Although this accumulation is most conspicuous in the tonsils, progressive accretion of these esters also occurs in nerves (neuropathy) and vessels (atherosclerosis). The pathognomonic finding is a low plasma cholesterol concentration accompanied by normal or elevated triglyceride levels and large, lobulated, hyperplastic, bright orange-yellow tonsils and adenoid tissue. Affected families have been identified on Tangier Island, Va., in Chesapeake Bay as well as in Missouri, Kentucky, and Europe.
PubMed ID: 12696235
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