Laryngeal granular cell tumor.

Thompson LD.
Ear Nose Throat J. 2009 Mar;88(3):824-5.
FIRST PARAGRAPH: Granular cell tumors, also called Abrikossoff tumors, are benign, slowly growing neoplasms, presumably of Schwann cell origin. They may occur anywhere in the body, although 50% occur in the head and neck. The most common site is the tongue; the larynx is involved in approximately 10% of all cases. Granular cell tumors typically develop in the fourth and fifth decades of life; they are quite rare in children. Blacks are affected more commonly than other races. A slight female preponderance has been reported. As many as 10% of patients experience multifocal synchronous or metachronous tumors.
PubMed ID: 19291628
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