2016 SCPMG Thyroid NIFTP

Instructions for Validation of criteria for the new entity: Non-invasive Follicular Thyroid Neoplasm with Papillary-like Nuclear Features (NIFTP)

  1. Review these instructions and reply that you will be able to participate in the study in the time frame recommended
  2. Study the PowerPoint presentation, highlighting the features and criteria for the diagnosis
  3. Before beginning your review, ask Lester any questions, clarifications or concepts you may not clearly understand
  4. Please try to review the 30 cases in one or two seatings
  5. It will take about 30 minutes to look at the images, make a decision, and complete the appropriate line on the form
  6. The score you place (entry of 0 or 1) will be automatically added to create the 4th column
  7. Please provide your demographic data, which is only for Lester to use to avoid duplication, but also to allow the statistician to compare based on experience and volume of work
  8. Be able to complete this assignment before February 5, 2016. Return your completed Excel spreadsheet (see second tab of xls file; download below)
  9. Return Excel spreadsheet by email to Lester.D.Thompson@kp.org
  10. Aggregated results and comparison to the 26 endocrine pathologists will be provided as soon as the statistical evaluation is complete
  11. Data will be combined with academic pathologists from England (18-20 people), Japanese practicing pathologists (about 25), and the consensus conference group
  12. The information will be used to “validate” the criteria for reproducibility both between practicing pathologists and experts, but also against pathologists trained in different countries
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